Spring Vendor Bender at G. Stanley Hall School


We are looking for anyone in the community that would be interested in being a part of our District wide Spring Vendor Bender event.  It is a two-night event that will take place in the gym at G Stanley Hall school on Thursday, April 26th and Friday, April 27th.  Setup will start at 4pm - doors will open to the public at 5 pm-8 pm.

If you, or someone you know, is interested please fill out the form below and return it to your school ASAP with $25 for your spot.

You will be supplied with a table and 2 chairs.  There are limited spots with the option of an electrical outlet.  Please have something that is around $10-$15 from your company that we can raffle off during the event.

Thank You!

Shauna Daniele, Hall Booster President

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Any information you would wish to share about your company:  _______________________________________________________________________________

I need an electrical site:______________    I do not need an electrical site:________________