Black Hawk Bulletin

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October 2017


At Black Hawk we follow PBIS.  A Black Hawk student will be respectful, responsible, and safe.  They will never give up, they will encourage others, and do their best!  Stop, think, make a good choice.


Please call the office by 9:30 am to report an absence.  You may also leave a message on our 24 hour office voicemail at 630-893-5750.

 If your child has a change in transportation for the day, please notify the office by noon.  This will give the office ample time to notify the teacher of the change.

 If your child is late, you must walk them into the office and sign them in.




2– Midterms

3– Booster Meeting, 4:30 pm

4– Health & Safety Fair at GH Sports Hub, 5:00 pm

9– No School-Columbus Day

10– Board Meeting at D.O.

18– Picture Re-take Day

19– Author (Matthew Cordell) visit at Glenside Library, 3:30 pm

20– Booster Movie Night, 5:30

23-31- Red Ribbon Week

25– 5th Grade Orchestra Concert at PAC, 7:00 pm

26– Band Concert at PAC, 7:00

31– Halloween Parade


7– Booster Meeting, 4:30 pm

8– Opera for the Young

10– Veterans Day observed

11– Trimester Ends

14– Board Mtg, 7:30 pm at DO

16-20– Book Fair

20– Parent/Teacher Conferences

20-24– No School

29 thru Dec 15– NWEA Testing

30– 3rd-5th Grade Chorus Concert, MMS 6:30 pm



We had a wonderful turn out for our annual Black Hawk Boosters picnic social. It was great to see all of the families come out for the fun event! Our next Booster event will be movie night on Friday, October 20th. Doors open at 5:30 and movie starts at 6; keep your eyes peeled for more information to come! 

Our Blessings in a Backpack started in September. A big thank you to our Middle School students for helping pack our backpacks. If you are interested in joining the program, have your child stop by the office to receive a permission slip.  

As you know, the more you read the more you grow as a reader. As of September 25th 2017, we have 78% of students on target for their reading steps; our goal is 90%. We have 47% of students on target for reading level; our goal is to have 60%. If students are reading at home and at school, they will make that one year’s worth of growth in their reading and further their proficiency. 

As a school, we continue to talk with the students about making positive choices. Through various lessons, the teachers have been teaching students about big and small problems, and how to problem solve. Please talk with your child about if it is a big problem, they need to tell an adult. If it is a small problem, what would Kelso do? Kelso would walk away, tell them to stop, ignore it, go to another game, or wait to cool off. As a PBIS school, it is important to always be respectful, responsible and safe. If you would like more information about PBIS and Kelso’s choices, you can pick up a brochure in the office. Some of our classrooms are also piloting a program called Second Step. This is a program to help strengthen social emotional skills. 

A big shout out to Ms. O’Toole for her work in setting up our first Portillo’s fundraiser. We had a wonderful turnout that will benefit our school. Make sure to check out our Facebook page and Twitter to see photos. 

Please read over your child’s midterm report and NWEA scores. If you have any questions, contact your child’s teacher.

When dropping off or picking up your child, please follow expectations. Cars cannot turn left into the parking lot during arrival or dismissal; this is to avoid a backup on the street. Please pull through the drop off/pick up lane; this is not a place to park your car but to drive through. If you need to park your car, please park in the parking lot and not on the street. You cannot turn right out of the parking lot during arrival/dismissal to avoid backup in the parking lot. Please be patient of other drivers and pedestrians. As always, safety is our number one priority. 



All kindergarten students are required to submit evidence of a completed vision exam by October 15.

All new students are required to submit a current physical and immunizations within 30 days.  This may consist of records from a previous Illinois school. 

When to keep your child home:

  1.  When they have had a fever of 100 degrees within the last 24 hours.

  2.  When they have thrown up or had diarrhea within the last 24 hours.

  3.  When they have a rash that has not been seen by the doctor.

  4.  When they have pinkeye that has not been treated for 24 hours.









September 2017


At Black Hawk we follow PBIS.  A Black Hawk student will be respectful, responsible, and safe.  They will never give up, they will encourage others, and do their best!  Stop, think, make a good choice.

Pick up/Drop off

The Black Hawk staff works on creating a safe arrival to school and dismissal from school. If you are dropping off or picking up a child, please follow the posted signs. You may not turn left into the parking lot during arrival or dismissal and you may not turn right out of the parking lot during dismissal. There is no parking in the drop off/pick up lane, or in the middle of the parking isles. Please be patient as we help the students to get out of and into their cars. Please do not drive at an accelerated speed in the parking lot and do not use cell phones within the school zone. If we all work together the arrival and dismissal times will run smoothly and safely. If your child can take a bus or walk home, please avoid picking up/dropping off to help with congestion in the parking lot. Thank you for your cooperation!


 *Be at bus stop 10 minutes earlier than needed   *Talk to your child about safe bus behavior

 *Look for FIRST Student buses*Make sure your child’s after school arrangements are made

 *Remember, only children are allowed on buses*First Student phone number is 630-469-1900.

Safety Drills

At the start of the school year we will review our safety drills with staff and students. We will be working with the local police and fire department to ensure everyone’s safety at Black Hawk. Drills will be practiced throughout the school year.


This year, we are not publishing the Parent/Student Handbook.  These are available for review on our District website at under the Parent/Student tab.  If you do not have access to a computer and would like a copy, please contact the school office.

A BIG THANK YOU to Cornelius for donating the AWESOME backpacks and supplies to ALL of our Black Hawk students!


All new students have 30 days to provide their health records.

Kindergarten student have until Oct 15th to provide a vision exam done by an eye doctor.

Parents should regularly check their children for head lice and report to the school if they find any.

Students who are sick (fever over 100 without medication, vomiting or diarrhea) should remain home for 24 hours after symptoms are gone.


District 15 received a state grant to promote healthy eating and therefore, ALL STUDENTS will be able to receive breakfast and/or lunch at no cost.  We open the schools doors at 8:35 am.  Any child that would like to receive breakfast may do so.  The breakfast line closes at 8:45.  The ordering process for lunch remains the same.  Each morning your child will inform their teacher if they would like to order a school lunch.  This is done on a daily basis.  If your child will be arriving late to school and will need a lunch, you must notify the office by 9:30 am in order for him/her to receive one.  No extra lunches are ordered.



4– No School—Labor Day

5– NWEA Testing starts

5– Booster Mtg, 4:30 pm

5– Back to School Picnic, 5:00 pm

12– Board Mtg, 7:30 pm @ DO

13– Character Day

14– Boy Scout Night, 6:30-7:30 pm

19– Grand Opening ofPerformingArts Center, MMS 6:30 pm

22– No School (Institute Day)

28– Portillo’s Fundraiser, 5:00-7:00 pm


2– Midterms

3– Booster Meeting, 4:30 pm

9– No School-Columbus Day

10– Board Meeting @ D.O.

18– Picture Re-take Day

19– Author (Matthew Cordell) visit at Glenside Library, 4:00 pm

20– Booster Movie Night, 5:30 pm

25– 5th Grade Orchestra Concert @ PAC , 7:00 pm

26– Band Concert @ PAC, 7:00 pm

31– Halloween Parade

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Welcome back! We have had a busy first couple of weeks with reviewing emergency drills, setting up classroom procedures, talking about Kelso’s Choices and reviewing PBIS expectations.

We had a fabulous turnout for our Back to School Night. If you were not able to make it, please make sure to touch base with your child’s teacher. This year all students were given a backpack with school supplies and a magnet district calendar.

As we begin this school year, please remember that this is your school and we welcome your involvement. We have many opportunities for parents to actively participate in our school programs, ranging from helping to re-shelve books in the library to listening to individual students read aloud in the classroom.

The Black Hawk Booster parent organization plays a huge role in supporting our work with your children. Please check the newsletter for upcoming family events hosted by the Boosters. Our first event is the Booster social picnic on September 6th from 5:00-7! If you are interested in joining the Boosters you can email them at,  or check out their Facebook page at Black Hawk Boosters. Your support is always welcomed and very much appreciated!

Please check the school Facebook page at BH Elementary School, our school website at, and your child’s take home folder for upcoming school events.

Our goal at Black Hawk is for our students to make a year’s worth of growth in reading and math. We also have a goal of 90% of students staying on target for reading steps and 70% of students on target to reach the proficiency mark. You can help with these goals at home by making sure your child is reading every night and signing their reading log. Every student was given a blue IRLA folder to help organize their IRLA items. Setting up homework routines and expectations at home is also a great way to support your child’s academic learning.

To ensure strong communication between home and school, we ask that you check your child’s backpack regularly. Information is sent home regularly to inform you of upcoming events, classroom projects and updates on your child’s learning. Each student was given a red take home folder to help them organize their backpack. For grades 3-5, students were given an assignment notebook where they are to write down their homework every day. The assignment notebook is a great way to start the conversation on what they are learning in school!

School attendance is so important to your child’s learning. Please make sure they arrive at school on time and every day. We will be having a classroom raffle for the class with the best attendance for each month. The classroom will receive a pizza party! At the end of the school year we will raffle of two bikes donated to us by Horace Mann. The bikes will be given to the two students with the best attendance.

We will be starting NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association or MAPS (Measures of Academic Progress) testing on September 5th. We take MAPS three times per year; fall, winter and spring. The students are tested in literacy and math. Teachers use the data to create their grade level SMART goals and Action Plan to help guide their instruction. Please contact your child’s teacher to learn more about the test.

The Illinois State Department of Education (ISBE) has announced the state will obtain and report consistent measures of developmental readiness for all kindergarten students starting in the fall of 2017.Children enter kindergarten with a variety of backgrounds and early childhood experiences. Educators have long recognized that an estimated 90 percent of brain development happens in the first five years of life, but there is no consistent measure of each student’s development -- until now. Beginning this school year, all K teachers in the district will complete the Kindergarten Individual Development Survey (KIDS) on every student in their class. The "survey" consists of observations of students as they go about their daily routines of playing and schoolwork.  Children will engage in play-based learning -- without interruption in their education -- while teachers observe behaviors and interactions and collect work samples. KIDS measures kindergarten students’ development across four important learning domains — Approaches to Learning and Self-Regulation, Social and Emotional Development, Language and Literacy Development, and Math.  KIDS is validated, informed by research, and aligned with state learning standards. District teachers will collect data throughout the school year, but provide formal "ratings" on students' development progress three times this school year. The first rating (completed in the first forty days of school), will provide teachers (and the state) with a baseline of the readiness level of students who enter Kindergarten .As a result of the survey, teachers will have a better understanding of each student’s development at the beginning of kindergarten and can tailor instruction to best meet the needs of students throughout the year. Local school districts and ISBE will have a snapshot of strengths and challenges in early childhood development at the local and state levels. KIDS data will inform local school districts and ISBE decision-making on support and resource allocation necessary for all kids in Illinois to succeed. Families will receive information about their child’s individual development during school curriculum nights, parent conferences and through district report card distribution. If you have any questions, please contact your child's Kindergarten teacher. 

As you know, the start of the school year can be a little bumpy. I appreciate your flexibility and understanding with the bus issues that have occurred. I have been working with the bus company on making the routes run as smoothly as possible.

We have a new mascot! You will start to see these logos more and more, so be on the lookout!


Please refrain from bringing your dog near the school during arrival and dismissal, as we have children who are allergic to pets.  And while I’m sure your dogs are wonderful with kids and people, we cannot predict how a dog will react when there are crowds of people and a lot of movement.  I’m sure you have heard of instances of dogs biting other people who have never bit because the dog perceived someone as a threat, or a child moved too quickly toward the dog.  I would not want an unfortunate situation to happen to anyone.  Thank you so much for your cooperation.